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Verdmont Acqui Terme Verdmont Acqui Terme


Acqui Terme, AL

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Ariella, Verdmont's hostess, proudly welcomes guests to her charming bed-and-breakfast in Acqui Terme, in the heart of Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With love and attention to detail, Verdmont has become an oasis for travelers seeking an authentic and welcoming experience.

Ariella's cuisine is a fusion of Italian tradition and global influences, embodying the essence of culinary diversity. As an amateur chef, she embraced the art of Italian cuisine and enriched her repertoire with personal touches from years of gastronomic exploration. The dishes offered reflect this unique fusion, celebrating Italian classics with an innovative twist to delight palates from around the world. In addition, Ariella has introduced the British tea tradition to the heart of Italy, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the elegance of tea culture in the dedicated lounge, thus uniting two iconic culinary worlds in a unique experience.