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Ristorante Cacciatori - Cartosio Ristorante Cacciatori - Cartosio


Cartosio, AL

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Ristorante Cacciatori in Cartosio represents an award-winning and renowned culinary excellence, celebrated for being named the "Best trattoria of the year" by L'Espresso's Guida Ristoranti d'Italia. Run with passion by Federica Rossini and Massimo Milano, the restaurant boasts a history of more than 205 years, studded with prestigious awards and continually renewed with dedication and commitment.

Federica Rossini, the restaurant's talented chef, stands out for her mastery in keeping culinary traditions alive, passed down through centuries-old recipes and the wood stove technique she learned from her mother-in-law. The use of local and seasonal ingredients, from the hills influenced by the nearby sea, guarantees the freshness and authenticity of the dishes, while in the dining room Massimo Milano shines with his kindness and knowledge of the products and the territory, helping to create a complete and unforgettable dining experience. Ristorante Cacciatori is not only a temple of local cuisine, but also a refined country house that houses contemporary works of art, offering a unique and welcoming atmosphere that enchants visitors and invites them on a sensory journey into the present and future of Piedmontese cuisine.