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Castagnole Monferrato, AT

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The Ferraris Agricola winery has a rich and fascinating history that is intertwined with the growth and development of the Castagnole Monferrato region. Founded in 1921 by Teresa Ferraris and later expanded by her grandfather Martino, the company experienced a significant rebirth in 1999 with the entry of Luca Ferraris. Luca revolutionized the company's approach, focusing on quality and excellence, particularly for the native Ruchè grape variety.

The construction of the new winery in 2009 and the transformation of the historic cellar into a museum in 2010 testify to Ferraris' commitment to preserving its rich heritage and promoting the region's wine history and culture. Today, the winery is a renowned brand present in more than 35 markets, producing more than 300,000 bottles. Luca Ferraris continues to lead the winery with a sustainable and innovative vision, striving to respect the vineyard, the people and the land in which it operates.