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General Terms and Conditions

The User, navigating within the website, property of NehEx Srl (from now on also only "NehEx"), uses the innovative platform (from now on also only "Platform"), a marketplace of selected experiences inherent, by way of example, to the tourist, food and wine and entertainment fields (from now on also only "Experiences"), entirely conceived, organised, prepared, sold and carried out by selected partners (from now on also only "Partners"), commercial partners linked by a specific contractual relationship with NehEx. The Experiences are offered and marketed to Users by NehEx's commercial Partners, organisers of the Experiences, which are clearly indicated at the time of purchase.
The Platform is under the control and management of NehEx, with registered office in Turin, Via Luisa del Carretto n. 66, tax code, VAT number and registration number with the Company Register at the CCIAA of Turin 12536440014.
Access to and use of the Platform are governed by these General Terms and Conditions, while the purchase of an Experience by the user implies the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale contained in this document and the special conditions relating to the Experiences.

The User is obliged, before accessing the Platform, to read these General Conditions, which are considered accepted at the moment of starting to browse the Platform and in any case at the moment of registering to the Platform.
The User is invited to download and print a copy of these General Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the terms of which NehEx reserves the right to modify, as specified in the General Conditions below.

This document contains:
the general terms and conditions of use governing the use of the Platform (hereinafter referred to as "Platform Conditions of Use"), accessible at the URL;
the general conditions of sale of the Experiences available on the Platform that apply between the Partner, the organiser of the Experience, and the User, the user of the same (hereinafter referred to as the "General Conditions of Sale" insert hyperlink)
the terms relating to the processing of personal data, based on our privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "NehEx Privacy Policy")
which are made accessible and must be accepted by the User while browsing and using the Platform (as to the Platform's Terms of Use) and prior to the conclusion of the sales contract with the Partner (as to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale), in accordance with the provisions of Articles 49 et seq. of Legislative Decree 06/09/2005, no. 206 and (hereinafter the "Consumer Code"). The User declares that he/she is aware and accepts that NehEx merely makes the Platform available to him/her and that, therefore, when purchasing an experience, only a contractual relationship is established between the User and the individual NehEx Business Partners, who are the organisers and material executors of the experiences.

Customer: means the natural person over 18 years of age who, through the conclusion of the Contract of Sale with the Organiser, purchases one or more Experiences via the Platform.
Consumer Code: D. Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005, as amended and supplemented.
Conditions of Use of the Platform: terms and conditions for the use of the Platform, applicable to Users and Customers of the same governed by the present General Conditions, the NehEx Privacy Policy and the information provided on the Platform prior to the conclusion of the Contract of Sale with the Partner.
Consumer: means the Customer who is a natural person acting for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out.
Contract of Sale: means the contract which is concluded through the use of the Platform between the Customer and the Partner and which legitimises the User to access and carry out the purchase experience.
NehEx: means NehEx s.r.l. with registered office in Turin, Via Luisa del Carretto n. 66, tax code, VAT number and registration number with the Company Registry at the CCIAA of Turin 12536440014.

Platform: means the nehexperience. com to which the User accesses the innovative platform that offers service partners in the tourism, food and wine and entertainment sectors and their users, among other things, (i) the promotion and possibility of booking experiences in the tourism, food and wine and entertainment sectors, aimed at enhancing the excellence of the territory (ii) a marketplace of selected experiences, in order to create an ecosystem aligned with the criteria of quality, ethicality and sustainability; (iii) the marketing, by selected partners, of experiences and the promotion of their visit and, tasting activities inherent to the catering, hospitality, wine and food and hotel sector
Purchase Confirmation: means the confirmation of the purchase of one or more Experiences made by the Client to the Partner following the express acceptance of the present General Conditions, the Conditions of Sale and having paid the price of the Experience on the Platform
Experience: an activity for sale on the Platform whose content is entirely designed and prepared by Partners and aimed at Platform Users.
Partner: means the business partner of NehEx, organiser of the Experience, which sells the Experiences to the Customer via the Platform.
Personal Account: the User's personal profile created on the Platform.

General Terms and Conditions (or T&C): means and includes all the definitions and clauses contained in the present contractual document, including the Conditions of Use of the Platform, the General Conditions of Sale and also the Privacy Policy available on the Platform.
User: means any user of the Platform; the User may register on the Platform and may also be defined as a Customer, from the moment they proceed to the purchase of the Experiences.
2.1 General conditions of use of the Platform and prohibitions
By visiting and/or using the Platform, the User expressly agrees to be bound by, and to comply with, the present Conditions of Use of the Platform and all the laws and regulations applicable to the Platform, which are to be understood as automatically accepted by the User as a result of simply browsing and/or using the Platform, even without registering for a personal account.

The Conditions of Use of the Platform as well as the General Terms and Conditions also apply to the use of the area of the Platform relating to the sale of Experiences in order to access and use the Platform. The use of the Platform is limited to the possibility for the User to visit and view the pages of the Platform for personal use; the transfer of personal data necessary for the purchase or registration to the Platform is necessary in order to obtain access to the purchase of the Experiences available on the Platform for personal use, according to the terms and conditions indicated in the section relating to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, (insert hyperlink).
Any use of the Platform for purposes other than those expressly indicated in the present Conditions of Use of the Platform is prohibited. By way of example only, it is therefore prohibited to
use the Platform (or parts of it) for purposes other than personal purposes, such as commercial or business purposes
use the Platform (or parts thereof) for illegal purposes
download or transmit via the Platform (e.g. by direct or indirect transmission):

- computer viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or anything else designed to disrupt or damage or interfere with the normal operation of a computer; or
- defamatory, offensive or obscene or threatening material or material that may cause distress, harassment or unnecessary apprehension;
use the Platform in such a way as to:
- disrupt the operation of, damage the Platform, deteriorate its rendering or impair its operability or functionality; or
- violate or damage the rights of any person, company or corporation (including without limitation intellectual property rights, confidentiality or privacy rights);
any use and/or reproduction, even partial, of the Platform or its content;
create or publish a hyperlink to any part of the Platform or attempt to gain unauthorised access to any part or component thereof
alter or modify any part of the Platform
use any robot, spider, or any other automatic or manual means to monitor or copy the Platform or any part of it and/or its content
use automated means to forward or place purchase orders for the Experiences
use framing devices or other software that interferes or may interfere with the proper functioning of the Platform.

Use of the Platform implies the User's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If the User does not intend to accept the Conditions, the unilateral proposals for modification, and/or any other notes, legal notices, information published or referred to herein, they will not be able to use the Platform or its services. The Conditions may be modified at any time and are those in force on the date of transmission of the purchase.

2.2 Registration and personal account of the User
Registration to the Platform is only permitted to Users who have reached the age of majority, based on the law applicable to the present Conditions of Use of the Platform.
In order to use the areas of the Platform reserved for registered Users, including in particular the functionalities that allow the purchase of Experiences, free registration to the Platform and the creation of a personal User account is required; to this end, the User will need to enter the personal data requested on the relevant page of the Platform for registration, (in particular, a valid email address, a mobile phone number and a secure password) accept the present Platform Terms of Use and click on the ''Register'' button.
The personal data provided by the User will be processed on the basis of the terms and conditions indicated in this document and in the NehEx Privacy Policy, which can always be consulted on the Platform and in any case made available to the User at the time of registration. The User guarantees that their personal data provided to NehEx during the Platform registration process or at any other time and/or occasion when using the Platform is and will be complete, true, up-to-date and relating to the User, and therefore the User is prohibited from entering, for the purposes of Platform registration, personal data relating to third parties, or in any case data that is false, inaccurate or not true. In any case, the User agrees to indemnify and hold NehEx harmless from any damage, indemnification obligation and/or sanction resulting from and/or in any way related to the User's breach of the guarantee referred to in the present article and/or violation of the rules on Platform registration and/or the storage of registration credentials.

Each User may only use one registration on the Platform. It is therefore absolutely and strictly forbidden for the User to create multiple accounts on the Platform referring to the same person, even through the use of data that corresponds to the truth; in the event of violation of this prohibition, in addition to the provisions of Article 2.5, NehEx reserves the right to close all accounts referring to the same person. Registration to the Platform allows the User to carry out the following activities through the reserved and personal account, called "Personal Account":
purchase the Partners' Experiences, by concluding a special contract with them, according to the modalities indicated in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale
check the status of one's most recent orders on the Personal Account page and view the archive of all orders placed, request vouchers to change the date of use
manage one's personal data and change them at any time;
change your password;

These activities must always be carried out by the User in accordance with the Platform's instructions and the Platform's Terms of Use. The User undertakes to keep their registration credentials (email address and password) confidential; these may only be used by the User, and may not be passed on to third parties. The User is therefore responsible for any infringement that may result from the transmission of his or her Personal Account access data to third parties; should the User become aware of inappropriate use of his or her account, he or she must notify NehEx immediately, which in any case will not be liable in any way for such inappropriate use. The User is and shall remain solely responsible for both the information provided and the activities carried out with his account, and releases both NehEx and the Partners from any liability in this respect.
2.3 Rights and obligations of NehEx in connection with the Platform
NehEx reserves the right, at its own discretion and without any obligation of prior notice and/or disclosure, to
modify, make inaccessible, suspend temporarily or permanently, the Platform (or part of it) with or without notice to Users. Users agree not to hold NehEx responsible for such changes, updates or suspensions of the Platform;

amend these Platform Terms of Use from time to time at any time, with immediate effect, by publishing an updated version of them on the Platform and sending an informational email to Users. The User's use of or access to the Platform (or any part thereof) following these changes will result in their automatic acceptance by the User, without reservation. It is therefore the User's responsibility to regularly check the Platform's Terms of Use for any changes made therein. Should the User not accept the changes made, the User agrees to immediately cease using the Platform and may not have any claims of any nature, cause and/or title against NehEx;
monitor any activities and content associated with the User's use of the Platform. NehEx may investigate any violations and take any action it deems appropriate or necessary.

NehEx makes every effort to keep the Platform up and running, but does not guarantee in any way that it will always be up-to-date and/or accurate and/or free of errors, and/or interruptions, nor that it will provide specific results from the use of the Platform or any content, search or link on it. The Platform and its content and services are provided "as is" and are intended for personal use, without any specific explicit and/or implicit guarantees on the part of NehEx or the Partners, who will therefore have no liability for any consequences suffered by the User by using the Platform and/or accessing the services offered by NehEx.

NehEx cannot in any way guarantee (neither directly, nor on behalf of the Partners) that the links and/or files eventually downloaded from the Platform are free of viruses, contamination or harmful characteristics; NehEx therefore excludes any guarantee, express or implied, including any implied guarantee of merchantability and suitability for particular uses and will therefore not be responsible for any damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the use of the Platform and/or its contents (including those referring to the Organisers) and/or the services of sale of the Experiences.

The User will not be entitled to any compensation in the event of non-use of the Platform or parts of the Platform as a result of failure, suspension or inaccessibility of the Platform or parts thereof for any reason whatsoever, whether technical or administrative.

Any liability of NehEx (neither directly, nor on behalf of its Partners) for the acts, omissions and conduct of Users of the Platform and/or parties directly or indirectly referred to or referred to in the Platform, such as advertisers and/or sponsors and/or business partners of NehEx, in connection with the use of the Platform and/or otherwise related to the User's use of the Platform is excluded.

NehEx is in no way responsible for the products, services, actions or failures attributable to the Partners, to whom the User must turn for claims for damages or any other nature.

Should the User become aware of any wrongdoing by other Users and/or Partners referred to or included in the Platform, the User is invited to report such events to NehEx, via the NehEx customer service dedicated to the Platform indicated in the present Platform Terms of Use. NehEx may, at its sole and exclusive discretion, investigate the merits of the report and take possible measures.

NehEx may provide links to other websites or resources (such as those of Partners); You acknowledge and agree that NehEx is in no way responsible for the availability of external resources and sites, does not sponsor and is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for the privacy practices or the content (including false or defamatory content) of such websites, including without limitation any advertisements, products or other materials and services on or available from such websites or resources, or for any damages, losses or offences caused by or in connection with the use or reliance on the content, goods and services available from such external websites and resources.

2.4 Copyrights and industrial property rights

Unless otherwise indicated, the Platform and all materials and documents published on it, of any nature whatsoever (by way of simplification and not limitation, the web pages, the layout and graphic content, the html codes, the organisation, the choice of content, the look and feel, the technologies, the computer programs, the processes and methods used for their operation) and, in general, the information and content of the Platform are the full and exclusive property of NehEx or its licensors or assignees (e.g. the Partners), who hold the relevant rights, and any use of them that is not expressly permitted is prohibited. the Partners), who hold the relevant rights, and any use of them that is not expressly permitted is prohibited.
The trademarks and distinctive signs used on the Platform are the property of NehEx and the Partners and protected under the relevant applicable laws. Any reproduction or use is prohibited.

NehEx asks you to send any requests, communications, reports of infringement or questions regarding the use of materials on the Platform, including images to the following email address:

2.5 Violations by the User.
Your unlawful or unauthorized use of the Platform, including but not limited to your violation of the obligations or prohibitions set forth in the preceding paragraphs, will be subject to investigation and appropriate legal action, including but not limited to civil, commercial, and precautionary, and, where appropriate, criminal prosecution. User understands and agrees that, in Nehex's sole discretion and without prior notice, Nehex may deny User access to the Platform, suspend or terminate User's access to the Platform, or pursue any other available remedy, as well as remove any unauthorized User-generated content, in all those cases in which NehEx believes or suspects that the User has violated these Platform Terms of Use, the General Terms and Conditions and/or the rights of NehEx and/or one of the Partners and/or those of other Users of the Platform, and/or any legal regulations referable to the use of the Platform.

2.6 Nature and purpose of the Platform made available by NehEX to Users
NehEX limits itself to making the Platform and its functionalities available to the User in the state of fact and law in which they are found, as they are, without any guarantee of proper functioning or conformity to technical standards or compatibility, as well as to the User's needs or purposes of any kind. It is the responsibility of the User who intends to use the Platform to equip himself or herself with the appropriate hardware and software equipment and telematic connections necessary to access and use the Platform.
NehEx reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any functionality of the Platform where necessary or appropriate for technical and/or organizational reasons.
NehEx has entered into special partnership agreements with individual Partners, who independently form and execute the Experiences sold on the Platform, pursuant to which the Experiences are sold on the Platform. NehEx, as a mere provider of the Platform, is under no circumstances responsible for the performance of the Purchase Agreement with the Partner, including, for example, the cancellation of the Experience by the Partner. The Partner is therefore solely and exclusively responsible for the organization of the offered Experiences, whom the Customer is required to contact at the Partner's contact details set out in the summary experience purchase documents.

2.7 Processing of Personal Data
The User's personal data, collected for the purpose of using the Platform, are processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which the User declares to have read and accepted. NehEx is the data controller of the data provided by the User for registration and use of the Platform.
Click here to view NehEx's Privacy Policy.
2.8 Miscellaneous
The languages available to users are Italian and English.
Customer Service, which can be reached at the following addresses:
Phone: ___