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Sarezzano, AL

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Gian Paolo Repetto and his wife Marina are the protagonists of this winemaking reality.

While launching a career in engineering, Gian Paolo, who grew up in a family of farmers, has maintained a deep connection with the land through the values of his youth. The call of home and the enchanting landscape of the Tortonese Hills, with its vineyards on the horizon, brought him back to his roots.

The winery follows the motto "Ancient Method Modern Technology," a synthesis of their philosophy that combines respect for traditions and use of modern technique to obtain quality grapes.

The Tortonese Hills, in the Curone, Grue, Ossona, Borbera and Spinti valleys, offer typical products such as wine, porcini mushrooms, truffles, Montèbore cheese (Slow Food presidium) and Nobile del Giarolo salami. The area is an oasis of pure air, temperate climate and fertile soil, making the hills a unique place in the province of Alessandria, on the border between Lombardy and Liguria, dedicated to viticulture and fruit farming.

The couple chose to use VinoOxygen technology, devised by a Piedmont start-up, to vinify Derthona while reducing sulfites and water consumption, demonstrating an ecological commitment to wine production.