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Ristorante Cacciatori - Cartosio Ristorante Cacciatori - Cartosio


Cartosio, AL

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Ristorante Cacciatori in Cartosio is an award-winning and renowned culinary gem, recognized as the "Best trattoria of the year" by L'Espresso's Guida Ristoranti d'Italia. Run with passion by Federica Rossini and Massimo Milano, the restaurant boasts a history of more than 205 years, renewed with dedication and commitment.

Over the course of 2023, the restaurant has accumulated prestigious awards, including the Slow Food Chiocciola, Gambero Rosso's 2 Forks and a mention in the Michelin Guide 2024. The Gatti-Massobrio Guide awarded the Corona Radiosa, while Piemonte a Tavola's Traditional Cuisine 2024 award further underscored the excellence of the cuisine.

Federica Rossini, the chef, stands out for her ability to keep culinary tradition alive, learned from handed-down recipes and the wood stove technique taught by her mother-in-law. The chef stresses the importance of making traditional cuisine current, introducing new dishes without forgetting the roots of tradition.

The ingredients used are local and seasonal, coming from the hills influenced by the nearby sea. The kitchen offers genuine and authentic dishes with a contemporary style and taste. In the dining room, Massimo Milano shines with his savoir-faire, kindness and generosity in telling about the products, the food and the territory.

Ristorante Cacciatori is not only a place of culinary excellence but also a charming, recently renovated country house with contemporary artwork on the walls.

The Michelin Guide describes the place as a cornerstone of local cuisine, with a particularly interesting wine list. Piemonte a Tavola points out how Massimo Milano and Federica Rossini have been able to renew the family tradition, turning the restaurant into a landmark for those seeking authentic cuisine in a cozy setting.

A trip to Cartosio at Ristorante Cacciatori is not just a return to the past, but an immersion in a vibrant present and the promise of an even more solid culinary future.