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Serralunga Casa Mia Serralunga Casa Mia


Serralunga d'Alba, CN

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Serralunga Casa Mia is much more than a family home: it is a place where the history and culture of the Serralbese territory come to life. Founded back in 1694, this welcoming structure has been carefully restored by Luigi Vico, who shares his passion for the area and its hidden treasures with his guests. The house is designed to offer an authentic and immersive experience, where the appreciation of local wines, breathtaking landscape and biodiversity becomes the common thread of every visit.

Serralunga Casa Mia's approach perfectly reflects the guidelines of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where the culture of biodiversity is the focus. Here, guests can immerse themselves in traditional agricultural practices and savor ancient flavors that represent the authentic soul of the region. Through a variety of experiences, Luigi shares with visitors the richness of the area's material culture, offering an unforgettable journey through time and space.