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Serra Domenico Azienda Agricola Serra Domenico Azienda Agricola


Agliano Terme, AT

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Serra Domenico Winery, nestled among the wine-growing landscapes of Agliano Terme, is distinguished by seven generations of passion in the production of quality wines. Guided by fundamental principles such as tradition, pursuit of excellence and respect for the land, the winery cultivates eleven hectares of vineyards, mainly dedicated to the Barbera d'Asti grape variety. With a careful and respectful approach, Serra Domenico is committed to preserving the integrity of the fruit, using native grape varieties and traditional winemaking methods.

Guided tours offered by the winery take visitors on a fascinating journey through the hills of Agliano Terme to the historic winery at the "Cascina dell'Avvocato." Here, participants have the opportunity to taste the wines produced, immersing themselves not only in taste, but also in the rich history that characterizes each bottle. Serra Domenico thus offers a unique and unforgettable experience, inviting wine lovers to discover the heart of the Monferrato lands.