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Poderi Moretti Poderi Moretti


Monteu Roero, CN

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The Poderi Moretti winery represents a combination of centuries-old tradition and innovation. Founded as far back as 1630 and handed down from generation to generation, the winery is now led by Francesco Moretti, assisted with passion and dedication by his children Alessandra and Riccardo. The winery's historic vineyards stretch across the picturesque Monteu Roero area, also embracing neighboring areas in the municipalities of Montaldo Roero, Santo Stefano Roero, Vezza d'Alba and Govone, for a total of 38 hectares, of which as many as 19 are devoted to vines.

Poderi Moretti's philosophy is based on attention to detail and the enhancement of the peculiarities of each individual vine. This is reflected in the meticulous care of the vineyards, with the use of targeted pruning techniques and natural fertilization that prioritizes the health and vitality of the plants. Production and winemaking take place in two historic farmhouses located in the Occhetti hamlet of Monteu Roero, thus preserving the authentic link with the land and its traditions.