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Poderi Gianni Gagliardo Poderi Gianni Gagliardo


La Morra, CN

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The story of Gianni Gagliardo is a fusion of tradition and innovation in the heart of the Langhe. Since the mid-19th century, the Colla Family had been cultivating vineyards in Piedmont, but it was Paolo Colla, with his passion for Barolo, who started the real story of the winery. In 1972, Paolo acquired a farmhouse in La Morra, realizing his dream of producing the famous Piedmontese wine. Fate intertwined when Marivanna Colla married Gianni Gagliardo in 1972, passing on to him the family passion for wine.

Since 1986, with the passing of Paolo Colla, Gianni Gagliardo has taken the reins of the winery that bears his name, inheriting centuries of family tradition. With a strong innovative spirit, Gianni introduced new techniques in the winery and expanded the vineyard areas. In the 1990s, his sons Alberto and Stefano join the company, bringing with them new skills and perspectives. In 2003, winemaking trials of the estate's crus began, culminating in the launch of the first two crus, Barolo Lazzarito Vigna Preve 2013 and Barolo Castelletto 2013. Finally, in 2017, the family acquired Tenuta Garetto, further expanding their winemaking heritage.