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La Perla di Torino La Perla di Torino


Torino, TO

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In 1992, Sergio Arzilli began an extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure that led to the creation of La Perla di Torino, a company that embodies the excellence of Italian chocolate. Growing up in his family's pastry workshop, Arzilli turned his experience and passion into an internationally recognized brand. Starting from a small workshop, he created the iconic chocolate truffle through a careful study of flavor, wrapping, and name.

Today, La Perla di Torino is a structured, innovation-driven company with gluten-free, lactose-free and added sugar-free production. Led by Sergio Arzilli and his daughter Valentina, the company maintains high standards of excellence, using top-quality ingredients and processing practices that respect the raw material. The laboratory, relocated in 2017 to a sustainable environment on the banks of the Dora River, reflects the company's commitment to sustainability, with the use of renewable energy and low-impact materials.