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Josetta Saffirio Josetta Saffirio


Monforte d'Alba, CN

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The Josetta winery, located in the heart of Castelletto di Monforte d'Alba, is an authentic story of passion and courage passed down through generations. Founded in 1952 by Josetta, daughter of the courageous Ernesto Saffirio, the winery underwent a groundbreaking transformation when Josetta, at the young age of 23, decided to return to her roots and turn the vineyard into a renowned wine cellar.

Josetta, with her vision and pioneering spirit, created a unique Barolo, revolutionizing the Italian wine scene in the 1990s. Today, with Sara Vezza, representing the fifth generation of farmers, the family legacy is carried on with dedication and commitment. The Josetta winery embodies the essence of winemaking craftsmanship, blending tradition and innovation to produce quality wines that tell the story and poetry of the Castelletto di Monforte d'Alba territory. Certified as an Ecoprowine Sustainable Company and Organic Company by CCPB, the winery is committed to cultivating the vineyards sustainably and respecting the environment, prioritizing the use of natural products.