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Il Bosco delle Galline Volanti Il Bosco delle Galline Volanti


Barolo, CN

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Bosco delle Galline Volanti, located in Barolo, represents a new farm model that embraces natural farming and experiments with innovative techniques such as Synergistic Agriculture. Here, the approach is one of "don't do," avoiding altering and forcing the soil and favoring plant associations rather than the use of pesticides. The philosophy is based on four basic principles that aim to create an ecosystem in harmony with nature, promoting minimal tillage, no chemical fertilizers, controlled weed management and crop diversification.

The farm actively collaborates with institutes and universities to enhance the interconnection between plants and animals, with the goal of developing resilient and sustainable agricultural models. The experience at Il Bosco delle Galline Volanti offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in this innovative approach to growing and food processing through guided tours of the garden, tastings of fresh produce, and cooking classes focused on enhancing products grown with love and respect for the environment.