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Torino, TO

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Ruben graduated from the University of Turin with a three-year degree in Viticulture and Oenology. He then obtained a Master's degree in Viticulture and Oenology, following the EmaVE programme by attending a year in Asti and one in Lisbon.

His work experience includes jobs at wineries, at Martini & Rossi in the chemical analysis department for quality control. He designed and installed a vineyard in Levanto (SP) for the agritourism 'Le Lagore'. He also worked as a sommelier in a gourmet restaurant where he was able to range in food and wine pairing, playing with over 200 labels.

He recently decided to embark on a new project, Fermented Ideas, dedicated to the trade and dissemination of wine. He selects small producers working with minor grape varieties with the aim of helping people understand the complex world of wine, offering his expertise to teach the art of food/wine pairing and promote greater awareness.

The name Fermented Ideas reflects man's connection to the vineyard and wine production. Each producer develops his own ideas from the vineyard, ferments them in the cellar and refines them in the bottle. Through wine, each producer expresses his own philosophy and his connection to the land.

At his venue located at Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 18, 10132 Turin TO, Ruben organises wine courses and training events, comparing local wines and grape varieties.