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Fattoria Roggero Fattoria Roggero


Rivoli, TO

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Fattoria Roggero is a historic family-run farm that has been rooted in agriculture for generations. Since 1995, Giuseppe passionately began raising a few hives, specializing in beekeeping over the years and gradually expanding his business to own about 300 hives. Located in Rivoli (TO), nestled in the green moraine hills, the farm produces and sells not only honey, but also other valuable hive products such as wax, propolis and fresh pollen.

Since 2008, Fattoria Roggero has started an educational farm service, offering the opportunity for schools, families and interested groups to visit the farm and participate in educational activities to understand the honey production process and the importance of bees for biodiversity. With a short and direct supply chain from producer to consumer, through Campagna Amica markets, the farm enhances the value of Italian honey and food safety, achieving significant awards in several regional and national competitions for the quality of its honey. Since 2019, Fattoria Roggero has also been a SlowFood presidium for its high alpine flower honey, a testament to its commitment to promoting local culinary culture and environmental sustainability.