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Valenza, AL

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Escape On The Road offers an innovative and engaging gaming experience, available in many Italian art cities and towns. The historic center of the chosen city becomes the playing field, with themes and missions unique to each location. Using a dedicated mobile application, participants are guided through the city streets, solving puzzles and puzzles of varying difficulty within a set time limit. With a choice of day and time, this is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in adventure and mystery, ideal for families, groups of friends, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings and team building.

Escape On The Road is at the forefront of providing innovative entertainment, with services tailored to every occasion. With extensive experience in designing and developing ON THE ROAD experiences, the company geo-locates in the historic centers of Italy's major art cities, the villages of the Langhe, Chianti, Monferrato and the Duchy of Parma Castles. From 90-minute tours to 3-hour adventures and 8-day surprise vacation packages, Escape On The Road offers engaging and memorable entertainment opportunities for all tastes and needs.

How to play: EXSCAPE RULES