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Distilleria Marolo Distilleria Marolo


Alba, CN

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In the heart of Alba, Paolo Marolo masterfully directs the distillery that bears his name, skillfully combining technique and passion to create grappas of refined quality. Since way back in 1977, the pomace from noble vines has been transformed into distillates that enhance the unique characteristics of the land, testifying to a deep respect for nature and its cycles. Distillation takes place carefully through a non-automated plant, where each step is followed manually to adapt to the quality and nature of the pomace used.

Here, only the freshest and most selected pomace is distilled, working in synergy with the wineries to best capture the different nuances of the raw material. Paolo Marolo has skillfully combined artisanal techniques with modern innovation, refining his Barolo grappas in acacia and oak barrels to give them distinctive aromas and colors. The distillery is a tangible example of how tradition and modernity can coexist harmoniously, keeping its eyes on the future without ever forgetting the roots that have shaped its history.