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Del Cambio Del Cambio


Torino, TO

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The Del Cambio Group in Turin is more than just a gastronomic venue. Today, it represents an authentic set of values that offers customers unique experiences at different times of the day. With a 360-degree project dedicated to the Good and the Beautiful, we are committed to enhancing Turin in Italy and around the world, rediscovering its culinary, historical and architectural excellence.

In addition to celebrating our cultural heritage, Del Cambio is divided into different showcases to offer an immersive experience to our guests. From the legendary Restaurant to the renovated Royal Pharmacy transformed into a Bistrot-Pastry Shop, from the exclusive Cavour Cocktail Bar to the Cellar, each space is designed to offer an experience of excellence.

We are proud to be a benchmark for those seeking authenticity, quality and sophistication. Del Cambio is more than a place, it is a constant source of inspiration for those who appreciate the best that Turin has to offer.