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Claudia Fraschini Cookin' Factory Claudia Fraschini Cookin' Factory


Torino, TO

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Claudia Fraschini Cookin' Factory is more than just a culinary space in Turin; it's a sensory experience where art and cooking come together to create new ideas and projects. With a generous dose of Art & Culture of beauty and a strong sense of conviviality, eliminating all formality and hierarchy, we strive to offer a true immersion in the gastronomic world.

Our COOKIN’EXPERIENCE® was born in 2003 with the aim of transforming cooking classes into engaging and playful experiences. During these sessions, there's no room for passivity: all participants are actively involved, handling raw materials and learning by doing. There's no competition, only sharing and mutual learning. We welcome our guests with a glass of prosecco and a welcome appetizer, providing aprons, recipes, and materials for taking notes. Throughout the evening, prosecco and water are always available. At the end of the preparation, each participant has their portion to enjoy and the opportunity to photograph the dish expertly prepared by the chef. Our mission is to make every moment spent in Cookin' Factory an unforgettable experience that stimulates all the senses and leaves a lasting impression in the memory of our guests.