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Cascina Gomba Boschetti Cascina Gomba Boschetti


Barolo, CN

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Cascina Boschetti, positioned on the hill of the same name overlooking the town of Barolo, offers spectacular views of the neat vineyards and characteristic castles that dot the Langhe hills. It is here that the Gomba family has been cultivating vineyards for generations, producing the renowned Barolo Boschetti signed by Sergio Gomba. The farmhouse's prime location, situated right in the heart of Barolo, makes it a sought-after destination for those wishing to explore the beauty and secrets of this renowned wine region.

With its nebbiolo rows silhouetted against the sky, Cascina Boschetti embodies the authenticity and tradition of the Langhe. Every year, numerous visitors are captivated by the breathtaking beauty of this place and the history that can be felt among the vines. If Barolo is the heart of the Langhe, Boschetti is certainly the heart of Barolo, representing an essential stop for lovers of wine and food culture.