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Cantina Hic Et Nunc Cantina Hic Et Nunc


Vignale Monferrato, AL

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The Hic et Nunc Winery is a young winery located in Vignale Monferrato, characterized by its "transparent cellar," a unique piece of architecture in the Monferrato region that opens to the public, offering an immersive experience in the surrounding territory. The name itself, Hic et Nunc, from the Latin "Here and Now," reflects the approach rooted in the land: here, in Vignale Monferrato, where the vineyard comes to life and produces wines of extraordinary quality.

With a total of 100 hectares of land, 20 of which are dedicated to local grape varieties, Hic et Nunc is committed to hand-planting the vines and making wine exclusively from grapes grown on its own land. Through virtuous practices, such as thermal control of the vineyard, the winery successfully adapts to changing climates while maintaining a focus on landscape biodiversity. A courageous and sustainable choice that testifies to Hic et Nunc's commitment to preserving and enhancing the land in which it operates.