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Camparo, located in Piedmont's Langhe region, embraces the winemaking and culinary traditions of this land renowned for its wines and hazelnuts. Opposed to the environmental destruction caused by conventional agriculture, we interpret each harvest with wise agricultural practices that combine ancient knowledge with modern approaches. We observe climate change and respect the timing of the vineyard, intervening differently each year, while soil regeneration is at the heart of our method, with the planting of green manure plants to increase fertility and biodiversity.

Founded by Mauro Drocco in 1980, Camparo is not just a company, but a family that has embraced an ecological approach since its inception. Slowly growing up, Drocco experimented with more ecological growing techniques, moving from selling bulk wine to bottling directly in his father's winery. The acquisition of a Nebbiolo da Barolo vineyard in 1995 marked an important step, followed by joining the family in organic certification just five years later, solidifying Camparo's commitment to sustainability and quality.