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Gavi, AL

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Broglia, an icon in the Gavi area, represents excellence in the world of white wines. Founded in 1972 by Bruno Broglia and now run by the third generation, this estate retains its family character, committing itself to the production of high-quality wines that reflect the traditions of Piedmont. Despite the predominance of red wines in the Langhe, the Gavi appellation has established itself as a benchmark for the exceptional nature of its white wines.

With more than sixty hectares of sustainably managed vineyards and collaborations with the University of Turin on in-depth studies, Broglia offers a diverse range of wines that fully express the area's unique terroir. The advice of Donato Lanati, an expert in the enhancement of native grape varieties, lends a special touch to the production, contributing to the extraordinary quality of Broglia's wines.