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Torino, TO

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1992 is the year in which a story begins, that of La Perla in Turin, which was born from the ability to transform limitations into opportunities. Its founder Sergio Arzilli, who grew up in his family's pastry workshop, when he discovered he was coeliac, began to study the art of chocolate making without losing the teachings he had received and embarked on a path that would lead him successfully to create a company that today represents the excellence of Italian chocolate.

An entrepreneurial project that started from a small workshop where Arzilli worked on creating the product he had in mind, studying all aspects: the flavour, the wrapping, the name. Thus was born the chocolate truffle signed La Perla di Torino, known today all over the world.

Since then, the small artisan business of the beginning has evolved into a structured company devoted to innovation, with a gluten-free production that also includes gianduiotti, spreadable creams and bars together with lactose-free and added sugar-free product lines to meet increasingly structured market needs.

Sergio Arzilli's passion for good chocolate, passed on to his daughter Valentina who joins him at the helm of the company, translates into standards of excellence within the La Perla laboratory in Turin: every truffle and every recipe is prepared with top-quality ingredients and with processes that respect the raw material to bring out its aromas and flavours, starting with the Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnut from Piedmont.

A story that speaks of excellence and family, that of La Perla di Torino, which has made the chocolate truffle its crowning achievement. A product that is at the same time always the same and the object of continuous innovation: the first creations, La Perla Nera and La Perla Bianca, today iconic, are the ones that started a production that over the years has played on daring experiments and reinterpretations such as Tiramisù, Arachide Salata, Pistacchio and Lampone, which have brought international awards and recognition.

Via Catania 9 in Turin is the address where the gluttonous adventure began: today it is still the main point of sale, the perfect place to breathe in the history of the company and discover all the variety of its confectionery production.

Since 2017, the laboratory has been relocated to a bright and airy environment located on the banks of the river Dora, organised with low environmental impact materials and state-of-the-art machinery thanks to an attentive approach to sustainability with the use of 100% renewable energy that allows a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions every year.