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Villanterio, PV

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MILANO MONGOLFIERE was born from the desire to turn the dream of flying in a hot-air balloon into reality. At the basis of it all is the passion for flying of our operations manager, a former airline pilot, which is combined with the organisational skills of the accountable manager: this is where our activity originates, which allows us to meet and make many people happy, offering a unique and unforgettable experience such as flying in a hot air balloon.

But passion alone is not enough to professionally carry out an activity such as ours: Milano Mongolfiere, which is an S.r.l., is in fact an operator that complies with the European regulations governing commercial balloon flights (REG. UE 395/2018).

This means that, like any other air operator, we are controlled by ENAC (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile - National Civil Aviation Authority) in terms of both the preparation of our crews and the maintenance of our aircraft.

Flying in a hot air balloon with us is a safe and fascinating experience with minimal impact on the environment: we use propane gas and operate in such a way as to cause minimal damage to the land.