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My name is Tammy Byrne-Smith, I was born and raised in Australia, mother of teenage triplets, workaholic, energetic and always enthusiastic. I have faced many challenges in my life that have made me stronger and more determined, focusing on making the most of circumstances and getting what I want.

I will never forget how the idea for LiveOut was born: it was a summer day, with a Designer friend we were talking and I thought how nice it would be to import to Italy the love and care for outdoor spaces typical of Australian culture.

When I was growing up we lived fully the green spaces, parties with family and friends in the garden according to a simple lifestyle in harmony with nature. Our outdoor spaces were as comfortable as the inside of the house.

Living in Turin, I learned to appreciate the architectural beauty, history, and cultural traditions of Europe, and I often found myself wondering why some balconies, terraces, or gardens are so neglected. Unbelievable!

You don't need to be a millionaire to make these spaces beautiful and inviting... you just need good taste, imagination and coordination to complete a project.

Thanks to innate organizational skills, specific studies, solid professional experience, and an outgoing personality LiveOut has become an important part of the company, enabling me to organize corporate events, private parties, grand openings, meetings, cocktail parties, gala luncheons and dinners, and much more.

Australians are known worldwide for their friendly attitude and relaxed approach to life.

To us Australians, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. With LiveOut Entertainment I want to combine this cheerful and welcoming attitude with the elegance, attention to detail and professionalism typical of the Italian style.