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A.S.D. La Ventura A.S.D. La Ventura


Ponzone, AL

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La Ventura is a bet on the future: an idea, willingly a bit crazy, of a group of friends who one cold winter evening decided to bet on their desire to engage and creativity to find a new way of working, based on pleasure and the need to become one with the place they love.

The seasons defined the rhythms, nature showed us the balance, and so, with respect for every creature, we recreated our way of life.

Among the mountains of Alto Monferrato, in an area seemingly marked by a destiny of many departures and very few returns, we began to write a different story.

A story of arrivals and stays, enriching both the area that welcomes and those who venture out to discover it.

Between guided hikes, trail cleaning, wildlife monitoring, events for young and old, and catering, there are many things we do.

The best way to discover them all? Come and visit us!