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Azienda Agricola Edoardo Patrone Azienda Agricola Edoardo Patrone


Domodossola, VB

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From a very young age, Edoardo had a great passion for wine. After finishing his degree in 'Viticulture and Enology' at the University of Turin, he worked for a while in Barolo Spain and then in Australia.

During these years of working away from home, he always had a strong desire to return to the Ossola Valley to recover the vineyards and continue the area's winemaking tradition.

In 2016, Edoardo left his job in Australia, returned to Domodossola and founded the winery. In addition to the difficulties that an entrepreneur usually faces, Edoardo found other challenges such as climate change making viticulture more unpredictable, along with the decrease of vineyards in the area.

In 2017, Edoardo met, Stella Tâm Vũ - a Vietnamese student who was graduating in Switzerland.

After getting married in the same year, together with a team of young winemakers, they started the first chapter, producing the first vintage with the 'Be Natural' concept. NO to chemical abuse, NO to pesticides and NO to herbicides.

The first vintage was 2017, the wines we produced are four red and two rosé wines, mainly from Merlot and Prünent grapes - the local name for the Nebbiolo biotype in Val d'Ossola. With the idea of following tradition but still finding their own way, since 2019 they have also started the production of an extra dry rosé sparkling wine Martinotti method called Basin - the first sparkling wine from Val d'Ossola.

Despite the difficulties due to the pandemic in 2020 they planted their first new vineyard in Vagna and in 2021 they started developing a cosmetics line 'la sbarbatella' beauty products from grape skins.