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Azienda Agricola Edoardo Patrone Azienda Agricola Edoardo Patrone


Domodossola, VB

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Edoardo, founder of the winery, has cultivated a deep passion for wine since his youth. After completing his studies in "Viticulture and Enology" at the University of Turin, he gained valuable work experience between Barolo, Spain and Australia. However, the call of his homeland, the Ossola Valley, was irresistible. In 2016, Edoardo returned to Domodossola and founded his winery, bravely facing the entrepreneurial challenges and climate changes that characterize viticulture in the region. With his partner Stella Tâm Vũ and a team of young winemakers, they embraced the "Be Natural" concept, producing wines without the use of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. With their dedication to tradition and sustainability, they have created a selection of red and rosé wines and even an extra dry rosé sparkling wine, becoming pioneers in wine production in the Ossola Valley.